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Friday, October 31, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: Week 43!

I came home from break and Lincoln was just chilling in his giraffe costume.

First hot chocolate of the season!

Chilly mornings on the way to taking Brayden to school.

We went to the park on Saturday. Brayden's Pre-K friend Kai was there.

Fernandina Beach Central Park with the boys.

Brayden has quite a few art pieces from school. This is a lantern he painted. Pink is his favorite color. I keep hanging it up in his room and he keeps taking it back down. Crazy kid.

Brayden's favorite toys are sets, like the Imaginext pieces. He has the big castle, a Batman jail, and others. He loves playing with all of the characters in all the sets. Batman will go to the castle. He doesn't mind. I found this dragon at Goodwill for $6. Most of these things are between $30 and $60. He was so excited when he saw it and loves playing with it.

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