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Friday, November 14, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: Week 45!

Silly kid putting on my headband.

Playing at Googa's house.

Separating $225+ of change. I was teaching him what each piece of change was. He was separating them perfectly.

We went to the park in downtown Saint Marys before it got dark then, went out for pizza. :)

Park fun at the park by dog park!

Best thing ever made. Nabi Jr. I've been collecting change for a long time. We decided I use it for Christmas. $225+! We bought Brayden one last year. It broke and they sent us a new one. So, we went to get a new one for Lincoln. They didn't have the same one. They had a more expensive one with more room on it and it was a Nick Jr version. We decided to give that one to Brayden.

This sweet boy has a cough again. He went to the doctor and got more antibiotics. It left him pretty tired. He passed out randomly while playing his Nabi.

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