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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family fun at Cumberland Pizza N Games! (Wordless Wednesday)

A long time ago Kingsland had a bar called Starters. It closed and someone just opened a family fun center called Cumberland Pizza N Games. It has buffet type food (pizza, salad, etc) and an arcade. We were pretty excited about going there. We didn't eat there this time. I had heard the place was expensive. It was fairly pricey but not too bad. Mostly, the bowling. The bowling was the only thing not worth it to me. It was pretty crowded but we had a lot of fun, especially Brayden. He's starting to get really good at arcade games. 

He's amazing at the driving games. Rj presses the gas for him. He usually gets fourth place or higher. He even got first once!

We went to Dairy Queen after for ice cream. :)

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