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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why I want to be a minimalist (and how I plan to do it).

I would not call myself a hoarder by any means but I tend to hang onto things. I often think "I may use this later". Jokes on me because I don't use it later. I overbuy. Our kids have too much clothes and they don't wear a lot of them. Yes, I get most on clearance, thrift stores, or they are given to us. However, if it's ugly and I never put my kid in it then, WHY KEEP IT? I'm crazy, that's why. We have food we don't eat. The kids have toys they don't play with. I have never read books.

I have not ever mentioned this on my blog but I do suffer from depression and anxiety. When I'm down things tend to pile. I ignore them. Then, I get anxious and freak out because I can't control all the chaos. I feel like if we had A LOT less stuff then, it would be so much easier for me to control the chaos.

This is my plan. I'm writing it down for myself and everyone to see. We are moving December 31st. I have ALREADY gotten rid of well over 600 items. GO ME! I need to get rid of a lot more though. Here are some of my plans and some things I have already implemented.
  • Don't use it? Get rid of it! Sell it, donate it, give it to someone that can use it.
  • Christmas and birthdays I have the children choose 5 things to donate. 
  • A while ago I turned my son's hangers in their closets a certain way. After a few months when I saw that certain shirts have not been worn I took them down and donated them. 
  • I throw out something if it's stained, torn or ruined.
  • Read each of the books I have and donate ones I feel I don't need to hang on to. 
  • Have two a something but don't need both? I got rid of doubles. I don't need 20+ cups, 5 ladles, multiple sets of measuring cups, and etc. How many things did I think I could measure at one time.. 
  • I went through my son's sippy cups. They have so many broken, stained cups, that were missing lids and etc. I threw them all away and bought 4 new ones. That's enough!
I will keep you all updated on this! I will also be talking about my depression soon. I imagine it will be a very long post.


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