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Friday, December 26, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: Week 51!

The last of our cards went out!

Trying to share his cookie.

Oh wow! A smile on the way to school! This never happens. He usually sleeps or is very grumpy.

This is obviously a photo of a photo. Thursday at work (Childtime) they had a Christmas party. I had to work it but my boss took a picture of us. :) 

Of course Pre-K is responsible for this lollipop. Haha. They had a Candy Land themed party as their holiday party.

Sunday it was pouring outside and the boys wanted to go the park. I got brave and took them to McDonald's by myself (Rj was in NC) since ours has a soft play place. They were great. They actually ate and played pretty good.

I took Brayden to Dollar Tree and had him pick presents for some of the people in our family. He had a blast getting to pick stuff for everyone.

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