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Monday, December 1, 2014

MOSH's new exhibit! (Jacksonville, FL)

Last week we went to MOSH (Museum of Science and History) in Jacksonville. Every Friday they do $5 Friday where the admission is $5 per person instead of $10. I work every Friday so, we went on a regular day (Sunday). It was free child admission month though so, we only had to pay for Rj and I, not Brayden. 

We had a blast. They have a new exhibit. It's Odyssey's Shipwreck Pirates and Treasure. It's ACTUAL finding from shipwrecks. It's pretty awesome! I loved seeing all of the pieces. It started in October and ends March 31 2015.

You looked through the scope and you could see ships floating on the water.

Family in 1964. Can I be the first to say what a cute place? I want some of the stuff they have in the display.

Creating power!

Looking at the animals.

The children play area! Love it. It's a huge tree with stairs. They have puzzles and other stuff to do.

Games. He actually did they pretty easily even though he can't read.

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