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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in the Park 2014

First off, I GOT MY CANON BACK! It makes SUCH a huge difference in my photos. I missed this camera so much!

Anyways, Christmas in the park 2014! Yay! Our town does a big Christmas festival in the downtown area every year. I got off work early so, we got to go earlier than we were supposed to. 

We had a pretty good time with just a few issues, mostly because of how crowded it was and lots of parents not watching their kids. A girl randomly kicked Brayden on the park while swinging all over the equipment. Brayden told us she kicked him and Rj asked her THEN, she apologized. How rude. She was like 10+. Lincoln fell out of the stroller. They ran out of hot dogs even though we weren't that late. The Santa line was WAYYY too long. 

However, the boys had a blast on the swings. They played in the bounce house. We had popcorn and cookies. They had quite a few cookies. ;) Lincoln had way too much fun trying to get in the fountain. He kept saying "play in water, play, please!" LOL NO, KID.

Brayden wanted to take a picture with these props.

A ginger with gingerbread people. ;)

This photo is hilarious to me. He seriously ate it in one bite.

Buddy the Elf.

(Christmas in the park: 2011, 2012, I can't find 2013. :/)

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