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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wednesday 13 concert in Sanford, Florida.

My sister and I when we were younger loved the band Murderdolls so much. My favorite was Joey Jordison, of course. I even had a gerbil named Joey. Anyways, Wednesday 13 has had his own band for a long time now. My sister is a huge fan and has always wanted to see them. FINALLY, we could. They came to Florida!

We had to travel 2 1/2 hours, sit through 6 opening bands, getting pushed around a little but the concert was amazing. Then, we didn't get home until 4 am. I almost fell asleep many times. I had to roll the window down, get out and walk. I had to go to mandatory training in Jacksonville the next day. I missed the bus that all my other coworkers took and had to drive. :| That was not good, I was sick, and so tired. My ears rung for 4 days. Haha. HOWEVER, it was worth it, especially seeing how happy my sister was. Roman her favorite member recognized her from online. He gave her a pick, a set list, and his water bottle. :P

(I took my Nikon Coolpix, not my Canon. I didn't want to risk it.)

Some of the opening bands!



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