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Friday, February 6, 2015

Pirate playground and the main beach park!

Sunday, we went to Pirate Playground in Fernandina. We had a fun except for a mean kid and his parents. There was a little boy (I would guess 4 ish). His dad was sort of sitting near him but not watching him. He was up on a row of drums (in some of the pictures). Brayden tried to go up there and I told him "no, we do not get up on the equipment like that. You will hurt yourself." The dad rolled him eyes. A couple minutes later, sure enough, his son fell off the drums and hurt himself. Then, the park has a little construction vehicle. This time there were two. Lincoln was playing with them. The kid runs up, snatches it out of his hands, leaving him crying, and screams "look, dad, I got my car back!" Apparently the kid had brought it with him. I feel like that was not the way to approach and his parents should have come to get the car after explaining the little boy brought it. I was so freaking mad. I was shaking, seriously. Needless to say, we left right after that.

Brayden kept begging to go to the beach anyways. He was trying to convince us it was hot outside. Haha. We decided to go and walk along the beach. There's also a park at main beach in Fernandina. Rj helped saved a little boy while we were there too. We were passing the park to go on the beach. A little boy (2 years old) ran away from his dad, up the ramp, and onto the beach. The dad didn't move. I told Rj maybe we should grab him. Rj got him and took him to his dad. Turns out his dad can barely even walk or move. He has really hurt knees and can barely keep up with his son. I felt so bad for him but I was glad we were there. What a scary situation.

Besides all that drama, it was a good day. The weather was great, so nice and cool. We had lunch after. Lincoln passed out on the way home. Haha. They definitely two worn out kids.

Talking to daddy.

Playing pirates, of course.

He fell off the boat. Haha.

He was thrown off his own ship again! He just turned the wheel too hard!

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