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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sea Lions at the Jacksonville Zoo!

For the record, I have quit doing Catch the Moment 365. As much as I have tried to keep up with it I can't. I got behind and never fully caught up. I think I will try again next year. Hopefully I will have a better balance next year. This year I am TOO busy. I sell Perfectly Posh, I'm a teacher at Childtime, I'm a server at Cracker Barrel. I am the only supporter for my family. I have four days off a month. I will never stop taking photos but can't manage everyday plus editing and posting on time. 

Anyways, these photos were from a long time ago. Weeks, sadly. None the less, here they are!

Sea Lion show. This did NOT go how we wanted. We paid to watch it. Part of the show they were talking about recycling. The lady had a bottle and said sea lions sometimes eat plastic bottles. She then said "what happens if you eat this bottle". The sea lion fell on it's back and the music went "dun dun dun dunnnnnnn". OH MY GOD. Brayden started screaming and crying "he died. Oh no. He's gonna die!!!!" We tried to explain it's not real. Everything the sea lions did after that he was like "Don't catch the ball, you're going to die!" Yeahhhh...... We have to walk out. :(

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