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Friday, September 4, 2015

Pirate Playground date with my boys.

Saturday I decided to take the boys to Pirate Playground in Fernandina. Thankfully we made it there because Sunday my tire shredded while we were on the highway. Luckily, I was with Rj and my sister. It was a really bad day and we never made it to the zoo. Saturday was a great day though. I hesitate to take my kids places by myself usually because well, they are crazy..... Am I the only parent that does this? They were pretty good though and actually listened.

Afterwards we went to PetCo because Brayden insisted we needed to get Peppy some new toys. He's been pretty giving and sweet lately. The other day at Dunkin Donuts they gave us way more donut holes than we ordered. He asked if we could stop and give some to other people. I told him I didn't know who we could give them to. He said "we should share because we have plenty". He keeps trying to make me buy stuff at the store that he thinks other people will like. "Grandma will love this" he says. It's pretty heart warming.

I'm really trying to get better at taking photos and editing photos. I feel like I am WAY WAY too hard on myself about them. I always end up thinking they could be much better and even delete some. This time I tried to take photos with different angles.

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