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Monday, October 26, 2015

My Maryland trip: Part 2: Edgar Allan Poe's house!

While I was in Maryland we honestly didn't plan to go to the Edgar Allan Poe house. I saw a sign while we were driving to go eat in Baltimore. After we ate we walked there and afterwards, we went to the grave site since it's so close. For those who MAY not know who he is, Edgar Allan Poe was a writer/poet, most known for The Raven. He lived in Baltimore for a little while and he died there.

This house is just amazing. It had a few rooms in it but they were teeny. The stair case was so small and spiral. Only one person could go on the stairs at a time. There was no bathroom. One of the guides there said to go water they used to have to walk like a mile from the house, gather it, and bring it back. Wow! That's pretty amazing.

You read that right. He married his cousin.

The house was really interesting, I would definitely go to it again. You guys should go see it if you're in the Baltimore area! Stay tuned for the Edgar Allan Poe grave site post.

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