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Saturday, November 7, 2015

A rather short zoo trip.

Brayden begged for a while to go to the zoo. We tried to go a month ago but my car blew a tire, stranded us, and we are still in the process of fixing everything that broke on my car when the tire blew. It caused a lot of damage. Check your tires, folks!

We knew we were going to go to the zoo for Spooktacular soon but wanted to take him anyways. We didn't stay long at all. Brayden started complaining about his stomach, wouldn't eat and seemed to have a fever. We took him home, that night he got sick and pretty much had a stomach bug for a week. :(

He is GIANT. Seriously giant!

Super weird! They stayed like that with their wings spread for like 5 minutes.

He's crazy, you guys. Freaking crazy. I hold my breath and tell myself he's not fearful like Brayden. He's learning and exploring and downright insane.


Hurricane simulator. Welcome to Florida!

Brayden bailed when it got stronger.

This is when we discovered Brayden didn't feel good. He didn't want ice cream. Unheard of!

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