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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Who wants to go to Costa Rica for FREE?

My amazing company Perfectly Posh just announced our next incentive trip and it's to Costa Rica!!!! Starting TODAY we have the chance to earn a trip there for FREE. If you've ever wanted to join, NOW is the time!!! I want to go with you! I want to see beautiful waterfalls and zip line with you. You have to join my team ASAP to be eligible! WE can do this. Here's a fun fact: the last 3 incentive top earners were consultants who joined DURING the incentive! Yep! This could be YOU!!

You get free training, $360+ for reach goals, bonuses, weekly pay, prizes for each rank, no fees, no pressure, an amazing sisterhood, and SO SO MUCH MORE! PLUS, $300+ in product for $99 with your kit! LOOK at what you can earn during the incentive!

Please join me today so we can get you started! Also, check out the amazing products here.

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