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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Brayden's 6th birthday: Minecraft style

My oldest baby turned 6 years old on August 21st. :'( Someone hold me! I had so much fun planning his Minecraft birthday party. He is OBSESSED with Minecraft and pretty much plays it everyday. I made stuff, printed stuff, and bought stuff. I worked my butt off on this one. Forgot a game, chocolate melted everywhere, didn't get a good picture of the cake or of him blowing out the candles, it was hot like fire outside. None of that matters though because Brayden said it was the best birthday party ever.

This is the first year he has told me by name who he wants at his birthday party. He had a few kids from his class this year and last year that came. We have progressed to not just my friend's kids and family's kids. Haha.

My friend Kim made him a shirt! So awesome. He got many amazing gifts from our friends and family!

I love that a few kids made him cards. So sweet!

We had to block the wind so that equaled awful pictures. Ugh.

 Aww, Morgan. So cute!

We had so much fun and I am so thankful for everyone that came! Thank you, amazing friends and family!

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