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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Lincoln's 4th birthday party: Ninja Turtles

Our sweet Lincoln is obsessed with Ninja Turtles. He knows all of their names. He sings the theme song ALL the time. He loves them so much. So, coming up with a party theme was easy! The first few photos are from his actual birthday at my mom's house and the rest are from his birthday party. :D

His birthday party:

Drink area.

Photo props!

The cupcakes I made.

His Donnie cake. I improvised. I was going to color white frosting for the band but didn't have food coloring. I already went to the store many times so, I used sprinkles instead.

Silly string!

SO AMAZING. He got dress up stuff. One of each turtle. It wasn't planned and could not have worked out better!

He had a great birthday and he is already talking about themes for his next. :O

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