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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Brieftons QuickSlice Spiralizer review!

I will fully admit that I struggle with weight and eating right. It's so easy to just eat carbs all the time. So, I am super excited that I got the Brieftons QuickSlice Spiralizer to review. Eating healthy and creating delicious vegetable meals is easy with this tool!

About the Brieftons QuickSlice Spiralizer: 
It comes with 4 built-in blade modes, all easily adjustable with a turn of a knob. No more loose blades that might get misplaced or cause accidental injuries. No more valuable time spent swapping blades in and out. No more bulky blades taking up precious kitchen space. Vegetable wastage is kept to a minimum and better support for both narrow and wide vegetables is built into the design. It can do ribbon cuts (flat slices), papardelle pasta (12mm wide), fetuccine pasta (6mm wide), and spaghetti pasta (3mm wide). It's made from high quality plastic (strong BPA-free, food safe ABS) and stainless steel. The QuickSlice has all the power and versatility of a traditional countertop spiralizer, but is easier, quicker, safer to use and clean, and much more compact when stored away. It's only $29.99 (you save $20)! It has a lifetime hassle-free full replacement warranty too!

What do we think:
Oh my gosh! LOVE it! It was so easy to put together and so easy to use. To switch blades you simply pull the knob and turn the dial. I thought it would be complicated but it wasn't at all! I found tons of awesome recipes and they even have some online when you buy it. I love that it peeled the zucchini! I went simple for my very first zoodle dish and did spaghetti sauce. It was surprisingly filling! I love this spiralizer and I am so excited to try out many more dishes. It was also easy to clean.

The blades turn when you turn the dial.

That's a safety cover that covers the blades when not in use.


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