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Friday, June 2, 2017

Shrimp Fest 2017!

If you live anywhere near Fernandina Beach, FL (also known as Amelia Island) then, you should definitely visit. Heck, even if you don't then you should come visit. It's an awesome little island with tons of character/history. I graduated from high school there and I'm still attached to it. I live around 20 minutes away and often go there with my family. 

The first weekend of every May they have Shrimp Fest and have for over 50 years. We always go at least one of the days. There's tons of pirates, activities, and more. Every year it seems to just get better and better. I love that they put the kids area in a totally different area now. Plus, it's MUCH bigger than it used to be too.

Dirty feet, happy heart, right? Haha.

Lincoln kept jumping.

My ballsy kid.

There was a chance Brayden wouldn't even do it but he killed it!

They were dancing.

He fell twice and did it again and got it. He was not giving up.

This crazy kid never understood exactly how to do it and just tried to go fast. He kept falling.

This makes me laugh so hard. He didn't get hurt, of course!

They were on the water and spinning it around.

Petting zoo!


Pirates! They were so sweet and talked to the boys after we searched and searched for pirates.

Thank you for reading this! View Shrimp Fest 2012Shrimp Fest 2013. Having just looked at those posts, WOW. One year I almost fainted and the other I ruined my camera. WHOOPS!

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