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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Legoland day 1 photos!

Cue the insanely old vacation post! ;) In May, around Mother's Day we went to Legoland! This is what I would consider our first real family vacation. We've gone places before but never stayed in a hotel or anything. My kids are seriously obsessed with Legos, especially Brayden. I LOVE how excited he was in the photo below. We stayed in the Legoland hotel too, which is TOTALLY worth it. They have fun activities for kids, themed rooms, a pool, free breakfast, free parking, and it's right next to Legoland so you don't have to drive anywhere. It's so worth it! We bought a package with the park tickets. We drove there, went to the park, stayed the night in the hotel, went to the park again, and drove home. It was so freaking fun! We happened to go on Star Wars weekend and that made it even better!

So excited!

Don't forget you can bring figures to trade Legoland workers. We forgot so we got some mini figures from a shop.

The grand carousel.

Spraying people on the boat. We did it the second day. It was so fun!

He did NOT like when one of the knights talked and moved.

Brayden is a map junkie. He loves knowing where we are.


Lego Ninjago!

Mini land. This was Brayden's fave!

Brayden wants to go to New York SO bad. We will be planning a trip.

Back at the hotel:

The best day! Day 2 photos coming up tomorrow! ;)

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