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Monday, August 28, 2017

Natrogix diffuser review!

Sooo, I just got a new Natrogix diffuser to go with my oils. I am sick with a cold. I used a drop of peppermint and eucalyptus. Omg, I feel better already. This diffuser looks better than other ones I've looked at. I love that it stays on for 6 hours, has different settings, and has light. It's pretty awesome. I am seriously so in love with it. I put it on my nightstand and my two kids want me to buy them each one too. Haha. So, I'm grabbing up two more for them! It's easy because they are super affordable. They are getting lavender oil in theirs! ;) I absolutely recommend this awesome diffuser. Everyone should have one.


  • LEADING EDGE TECHNOLOGY – This special aromatherapy essential oil diffuser uses Ultrasonic technology to transform water into the finest mist… with no heat. Infuse this healthy mist with your favorite essential oil to create a fragrant, relaxing atmosphere that cleanses the surrounding air. 
  • THREE WAYS TO EXPERIENCE – Totem offers Interval Mist Mode (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off), continual, non-stop mist, and dormant mode. Interval mode lasts 10-12 hours when Totem is full. Continuous mode lasts 5-6 hours when Totem is full. 
  • CYCLE THROUGH SEVEN COLORS – The Totem essential oil diffuser has a beautiful built in LED light that creates a soft ambient glow when activated. It can show Red, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Pink or White. You can keep one color on and adjust the brightness. Or you can cycle through each one automatically 
  • CONSERVES ELECTRICITY – Totem features an automatic shut-off feature when the water runs out. Perfect if you plan on leaving it on overnight! ONLY FOR PURE OIL USE! – Due to its ultra fine mist technology, only 100% natural essential oils can be used with Totem. Those containing chemicals, spices or impurities will cause product malfunctions.

Link to diffuser- amazon.com/gp/product/B0749F598T


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