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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Brayden's school Fall festival- 2017

Sorry for the lack of photos lately. Quite frankly I've been lazy and haven't been taking out my big girl camera. Haha. I also have photos from June I haven't touched yet but we don't need to discuss those!

Anyways, every year Brayden's school does a Fall festival. It's super fun and has a TON of stuff to do! He pretty much wanted to stay inside the gym to play in all of the bounce houses the whole time.

"Driving" the coast guard boat.

"Driving" the fire truck.

I love that you can't tell they were fighting over who had more hat in their lap...

Painting a wooden fish.

This took a bit to dry for obvious reasons.

Painting his pumpkin while his brother checks out the coast guard boat again.

Click here to see last year's Fall festival

Thank you for checking out our photos! :)

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