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Monday, October 23, 2017

Zoo dino magazine review! *Great holiday gift*

Brayden and Lincoln love the zoo. They love all of the animals. Our zoo has actually had "dinosaur" exhibits twice. The boys, especially Lincoln love learning about Dinosaurs and reading about them. Lincoln definitely knows more dinosaur names than I do. This Zoo books set is a special edition of dinosaur ones. You can get a year subscription for only $19.95 plus tax, which is 52% off the cover price! Heck yes! That's a seriously amazing deal. Also, when you get a subscription you can download the ebook version free for your ipad, phones, etc. Each issue comes with activity pages filled with games, puzzles, and FREE access to the digital edition. Magazines are delivered bi-monthly, 6 issues per year. They also have magazines for 0-3 years and 3 to 6 years. The Zoo Books are intended for ages 6 and up because of how informative they are. Lincoln loves looking at the photos at 4 but Brayden enjoys reading all of the animal facts. So I'm probably going to grab the subscription of Zooties for Lincoln. This will seriously make a great holiday gift for a dinosaur loving kid! Totally recommend these! Thank you for checking out our review today! 

Link- http://www.zoobooks.com/zoodinos

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