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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

AGPtek® Set of 24 LED review!

Ahhh! I got the cutest little flower tealights for a review from AGPtek. The coolest thing is they are submersible. That means they are heavy and stay under water in vases, tealight holders, fountains, and more. Mine are an off white/cream type color. You can also get them in LEDs that change colors, which is cool to me. These are super inexpensive. They are only $16.99 for a 24 pack too. These would be the cutest at a wedding, birthday, even your bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. They are very versatile. We totally recommend these. They are beautiful and create a cozy glow!

  • Water submersible Event/Party/holiday decoration Christmas led lights,are also known as submersible candles, flora lights and underwater LED lights. 
  • These water submersible LED lights can be used to illuminate fountains, place them in water under decorative water crystal beads or water crystal granules in a vase to create amazing effects. 
  • The combination of submersible LED lights and decorative water crystals is a beautiful addition to any table centerpieces.
Why is flameless better?

  • For decor you can actually put these around paper without it being a fire hazard. I have seen a lot of cool folded paper tealight holders.
  • Create ambiance without any danger, especially if you have small children around.
  • You don't have to worry about it blowing out if you are outside.
My live demo is below. Check out how cool they are!


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