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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Toyke cord hider box review!

I just received this product a few days ago. It's a Toyke cord hider box. It's an XXL box for hiding your surge protector, cord, etc. It cleans up messy cables and even organizes them so it's easier to recognize what goes to what.

Tokye electrical cable management system consists of four components:

  • The cable box has enough flexible space for a surge protector and cables with two open ends. 
  • The flexible cable sleeve will safely secure and unify desk, TV, video game, and computer wires. It reduces the mess below your feet or behind your device. Our cable management sleeve is made by thick high-density waterproof neoprene material.The sleeve features black and white reversible colors so you can pick the color you want to match your room. 
  • The 4 piece white cable clips provide comfort through easy access to the cables in the positions you require. 
  • The 6 piece colored cable ties are reusable and keep all kinds of cables well organized and tidy in place. 

I have been looking for a good cable management system for Rj's computer. His desk is a disaster of cords. It's SO much easier to find things when they are organized. He has a computer, modem, 2 monitors, game stuff, chargers, and more. It's much nicer to have the cords neatly put away, easily accessed, and he can use his desk better. I LOVE this cord management box. It's large enough for any size of surge protector. It comes with a lot of awesome things to manage your cords. It's a great price too ($26)! I love the cable clips because you can use them to keep your charger cord ends on your desk for easy access. Rj charges his phone and e-cig at his desk sometimes so this is super useful. The box is also made of heavy duty plastic and isn't as flimsy as most of the other ones I have see. We have the black one. I absolutely recommend this product!

**Pictured below is our TV surge protector not his desk. He just has surgery so it will be a bit before he can get on the floor and organize his desk stuff.

Buy here: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1QG1Z9S205PJ8&field-keywords=cord+hider

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