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Friday, March 23, 2018

Non-slip Non-Skid Yoga Pilates Socks review!

Hey there! I have recently received a pair of awesome socks from a company on Amazon. I would show them off doing Pilates but I am sick. :( I keep getting chills over and over. So right now the socks are just keeping me warm.

Let me tell you about the socks anyways! First, they are super cute. They say inhale, exhale, and namaste. These are anti-slip socks with strategically placed grips on the heel, toes and arch, They offer superior balance, comfort and stability, which helps you hold your poses with ease during yoga practice. I slip all around with them even on my carpet. I hate wearing shoes working out too. They are a perfect gift for the yoga lover. Great for birthday gifts or Mother's Day. They are a great price at only $10.99 with free one day shipping! They are super soft and durable. They are made from a high quality natural cotton blend and are soft and breathable on your feet. They are sweat-absorbing and comfortable and perfect for you to wear to yoga, barre or pilates. These gripping, slip-resistant socks are also ideal for safety in your home, on stairs, and for maternity/hospital recovery. If you take classes somewhere these will help keep you from foot infections. The combination of bare feet and shared mats make you vulnerable to fungal infections. These breathable and absorbent socks protect you against infection. Keep your feet dry, protected and blister free.

I do have to get used to the grip feeling when I walk. I think that's a personal problem though. I absolutely recommend these socks! I will be buying a few more pairs. They are cute, affordable, and they work!


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