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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vacation to Boone, NC!

Hey hey! We went on a little vacay in February. It was basically one disaster after another but we still had fun. We stayed in a huge amazing house with my in laws and some friends. Everyone was awesome so that was great. I was a little terrified of the roads. I live in such a flat area and always have. There are so many cliffs with no barricades or bars! So scary. 

We were hoping for snow at the house we were staying at but no such luck. The boys and I have never seen snow. We actually still haven't because it wasn't snowing nor had it for a while. The mountain we went to had icy, slushy "snow" to ski, tube, etc on. It's okay though. We paid a butt ton of money to tube and we had SO MUCH FUN! Lincoln isn't old enough to go down alone so he mostly went with me. We may have also lied and said he was 4 so he was free. Haha. He's just a few months into being 5. Brayden shockingly went down many times by himself. He has ADHD and possibly more so he is quite a fearful kid. As he gets older he is seeming to get better at being daring. 

Anyways, enjoy the photos of the tubing! We went to Sugar Mountain in Boone, NC. Totally recommend it! We are definitely going back next year hopefully when it's really snowing.

See? Slush. I was slipping all over.

Waiting for our time slot to go tubing.

Waiting to go by himself.

I never know what expression I'm going to get.

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