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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scarecrow Stroll 2013

First off, I made the Robin costume (tutorial will be up tomorrow) at like one in the morning and was not paying enough attention apparently. HAHA. The background should be black and the "R" yellow. I fixed it after but in these photos it will be wrong. Oooops.

I also have cut a TON of my hair off since this photo (more on that later too). ;)

I love October! In the past I don't think we have taken Brayden to enough events. This year, I realized there is no point in kids wearing their costumes only once. So, this year I decided to take them to multiple events to enjoy/show off their costumes. Unlike any other year this year we did DIY costumes.

One thing we definitely looked forward to was Scarecrow Stroll. It's a thing our city (St. Marys, GA) does in their downtown area. A couple days before the event businesses in the area make scarecrows to display downtown. The businesses that made the scarecrows set up booths/tables by their scarecrows and pass out candy at the stroll. It's fun and safe.

Look at our Scarecrow Stroll from last year when Brayden was a dragon and I was super pregnant. Oh my, Brayden was so freaking adorable in his costume.

 He put his hood on later. I got this hoodie from Beall's outlet for $13. It has the bat ears on the head, a little mask that comes down over the eyes and a cape that velcros on. LOVE it! I thought it would be perfect for his Batman costume and of course, he can continue to wear it in the Fall/Winter. The pants are from a thrift store and his shoes are comic book printed shoes also from Bealls Outlet.

Lincoln teamed up with Brayden on trying to eat a lot of the candy during the stroll. Haha. We only give him Dums Dums. Everything else is pretty much a choking hazard.

Brayden wouldn't be still. :(

He was running around so the cape moved. 

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