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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A case of the bad days.

Saturday was a terrible day for like 12 different reasons. This will probably be long and detailed. Rj got fired last Sunday. He has applied at many jobs but nothing yet. I am working six days a week every week and barely make more than $1000. That's not NEARLY enough to survive. I am really stressed out and panicking about money. Brayden's birthday is soon, we have tons of bills due, ugh. His last check was supposed to come in the mail and his pay day was Friday. Nothing has come.

So, Saturday I had to work at Cracker Barrel. I already works 40+ hours at Childtime through the week. I have to take Brayden to school so I'm not getting quite enough sleep. Every time I've at Cracker Barrel the employees put me in a bad mood. They are often grumpy and it's high stress. It was a slow day it seemed. I had other employees give me tables and help me make more money I am VERY grateful for that. I still didn't do amazing though. I need way more than $60.

After finally getting off work at 4 something I had to go to Walmart. I had to try to get cheap food that will hopefully last us for a few days. While I was in Walmart it suddenly went from being sunny to a torrential down pour. I was trying to get out the front door and a mother and her son were standing in the door way. I said "excuse me." They didn't respond so, I said it louder. The lady turned, looked at me and turned back around. I said "please, can I get through the door." They moved. Her son looked at her and she said "don't worry. She was rude." Seriously..... I tried many times to nicely say something.

I had to bolt to my car, my work apron, my shopping bags, everything filled with water. It was horrible. Then, I can't see at all on the way home. The water was so deep cars kept passing by and splashing my windshield. It was blinding me. Then, I get home and someone is in my spot in front of my house. So, I have to park across the street. I have to cross the road, which is seriously over a foot deep of water.

I get inside and I am so annoyed that someone is in my spot and I am somehow MORE wet than before. I know which house it is that parked there so, I plan to ask them to move their car. I get my key chain, only to realize my car key is gone. It fell off my key ring! I searched and searched through the water, the mud, and etc. If I had been in MY OWN SPOT my key would have fallen on concrete, not water. My car is locked. I freak out thinking it may be in the car. My husband calls my MIL and she sends someone to come unlock it. It's pouring rain even harder by this point. When it finally stops raining so, we go out to look in my car. It's not there. Panic is setting in a little more... Rj takes his shoes off to feel around for it. Thankfully, he stepped on it!

It's past 7 o'clock and I still haven't made dinner. Brayden asked if he could play outside in the water. I thought "why not?". I told him as long as he takes a bath afterwards it's fine. So, we made him put on swim trunks and headed outside. The day got a little better from there. The water cleared up by the next morning. It reminded me of when this happened a couple years ago.

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