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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Brayden's excuses for not going to Pre-K

Brayden started Pre-K on Tuesday. On Brayden's "get to know you" form for Pre-K it asked for his fears. I wrote "random fears that go away". It's true. He was afraid of going to Chuck E Cheese's because the scary mouse eats people. Yeah.... Once we got here he was fine. He made me delete an app on my phone because of the scary pirate". I didn't and he played it a few minutes later.

So lately, everyday before school he's been coming up with a reason not to go. One day he was "sick and needed to go to the doctor". A couple days he just wanted to stay home with daddy and watch Curious George. Friday, he said he needed to go to a new school because of the "scary school man". Then, we get to school and he points to one of his teachers. Wow..... I think the biggest reason he doesn't want to go is he is tired. I work at the school he goes to and when I pass by his room a few minutes later he is always calm. When I see him throughout the day he is happy. That gives me peace, knowing that he's okay.

He wanted to take a picture. This is the face he gave me when I told him to smile. 

Does anyone else's kids have random fears? Do they have a new excuse for not going to school everyday? Tell us about them!

These photos were taken with an iPhone and/or Nikon Coolpix.
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