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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brayden's first day of school!

Brayden had his first day of school yesterday! He is going to Pre-K at Childtime where I work. I'm a teacher in the one year old room. I shared my fears for him starting school here.

Waking up was rough. I got him dressed while he was asleep. Haha. He fell asleep on the way there too. Yesterday, I had to be at work the same time that he had to be there (7:30). I took him in and he was okay. He washed his hands for breakfast, peed, and sat down. Then, he started crying. I had to go to my class. I went past his room literally a minute later and he was fine. Later I saw him outside super happy. Then, I saw him in the hall waiting to go into his classroom to set up his nap mat. They nap for an hour. He stopped napping when he was almost 2. He was rubbing his eyes in the hall. His teacher said he cried at the beginning of nap time because he was tired then, he passed out. :P She said they had to move him twice because he had his legs on other kids. I saw him completely knocked out. So cute! When Rj got him he did NOT want to go home. He wanted to stay and play outside. Poor kid. 

Orientation! He didn't want to leave all of the other kids.

After I got him dressed. :P

On the way to school. :X

This morning was a little more difficult. Lincoln and Rj were up before we left so, he didn't want to leave. He was upset when we got there and didn't want me to leave. He kept saying "I need daddy. I'm sick. I need to go to the doctor!" I called a little while after I left and they said he calmed down almost immediately after I left. I'm trying not to worry. I've seen it from the other side. I have to pry some kids out of their parents hands, they cry and seconds later they are happily playing. I'm trying to stay calm. :X

These photos were taken with an Nikon Coolpix.
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