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Thursday, October 9, 2014

ZOOOOO! (Wordless Wednesday)

Brayden always asks to go to the zoo. This past Sunday was supposed to be cool outside. We were so excited because it's usually insanely hot. It was actually long sleeve weather! 

I really need to go through Brayden long sleeves. Apparently he had a crazy growth spurt! I put a shirt on him that he wore one time last year and it almost burst it was so tight. Haha. Okay, maybe not. The sleeves did look like 3/4 sleeves and weren't supposed to be...

Anyways, back to the zoo. Of course my camera died after like 5 pictures. :( Sad day. I forgot to charge it since Mindy and Cory's wedding. WHOOPS! It's okay. I used my phone until Brayden took it. Haha. I have like 1,000 photos from the zoo. ;)

 Phone thieving in progress!

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