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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brayden's diagnosis!

Many months ago I wrote on discovering that Brayden may be autistic. I cried and cried and stressed over this. I've pretty much been told for the past few years by MULTIPLE people that Brayden should be tested. I've always denied it and always thought nothing was wrong. It wasn't until he got into school that I started worrying. His teachers said something after one week. One week he was there and he was going to be tested. I was scared out of my mind. I thought all of the worst possible things. I wouldn't have been upset at all if he is autistic. He's never really been the easiest kid to begin with.

After fours months, filling out SO MANY surveys, papers, getting his eyes tested and hearing by a specialist, teacher interventions and  etc etc, we FINALLY had an evaluation with Angela. She diagnoses kids.

We went into a room with a board room type table. We sat down and waited for her. I was scared out of my mind. At the same time I kept trying to explain to Brayden that we were not seeing a doctor. She came in and gave me yet another paper to fill out. She said they were going to do something fun. She gave him a pencil and paper. He started crying. She told him I would have to leave the room if he kept crying. He kept on and I had to leave the room. She talked to him for around 30 minutes. She asked him tons of questions and make him draw things.

Finally, she called me into the room. She told me that Brayden is definitely NOT autistic. She said he has so many characteristics that autistic kids do not possess. She said he is incredibly smart and knows a lot. She said one of his problems is his whining and crying. That's what he does automatically when he wants something. We don't encourage it but we don't work hard enough to stop him. We need to completely break him of it before he goes to Kindergarten.

She also said the reason he isn't on par with all of the other kids in his class is exactly what I have feared. He is TOO young. He started school August 5th. He was three years old. He turned four August 21st. He is literally only 9 days older than the kids that are too young to get into Pre-k. He hasn't developed like the other kids have yet. Many of them are already 5 years old at this point. She said one option for him to thrive would be holding him back. I'm afraid to do that. I think next year we will evaluate if it's a good idea.

She does think he needs speech. He needs help fine tuning his words. His teachers have trouble understanding him sometimes. We are meeting with the speech therapist this month sometime. I'm so happy and grateful for Breayden. I just want him to develop and thrive as best as he can. I'm going to try to work with him more at home.

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