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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Brayden's graduation!

I can not believe I forgot to post this! Brayden graduated Pre-K on May 21st. He has grown and changed so much since starting school. When he started he was three years old. He started August 5th and didn't four until the 21st. He had struggles the whole year and didn't really talk to his teachers. At the beginning of the year everyone thought something was wrong with him. He got evaluated for autism. He doesn't have it. He's just young, has speech problems, and motor skill issues (writing/holding the pencil correctly). He started therapy for both. He talks WAY WAY better than the beginning of the year and WAY MORE. Haha. I'm so proud of him and can't believe he's going to Kindergarten!

Lincoln going to to get babysat and Brayden going to graduation.

If you're wondering, Brayden said he wants to be a "grown up" when he grows up. :P

It was so hard to get pictures. It was very dark and everyone was in the way.

Brayden on his first day!

They sang and danced. Cutest thing ever!

Proud Googa!

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