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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Easter egg hunt event!

My mom's job has TONS of employees so, of course, their employees have tons of family. They throw fun events for certain holidays for the employees and their family. We went to Santa Land around Christmas and had a blast. So, we signed up for their Easter egg hunt! They had bubbles, snacks, drinks, Easter eggs, and some even had prizes in them! :O Both kids got a prize egg and won earbuds. Plus, the kids got to hang out with their Googa and Jeannie!

This little stinker covered himself in bubbles.

They had the kids go by age group. The boys were in the same group but didn't stay by each other. They ran totally different directions.

Of course they insisted on opening every single egg. Haha.
We hope everyone had a great Easter! Stay tuned for another Easter post. ;)

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