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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Legoland day 2 photos!

In May, around Mother's Day we went to Legoland! I posted day 1 yesterday. We had a blast the second day. We took our water stuff and actually did all the water stuff. Brayden is not a fan of getting his dry clothes wet and has to change immediately after he is done getting wet. He has ADHD and I suspect a sensory disorder. We had an absolute blast at Legoland!

Lincoln and I went on the safari again while Rj and Brayden went on a roller coaster. Lincoln wasn't tall enough.

Headed to a smaller coaster that we can all go on.

My baby getting his license.

Brayden getting his license.

Boat school!

The Lego Duplo area! This is great for toddlers and a little bigger.

Yes, Lincoln was kissing the bananas..

He did the Star Wars lego building contest.

The "rocket launch".

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