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Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 things I am loving lately:

Five things I am loving lately!

1. Supernatural!
Yeah, we are a little late on this. Haha. We were watch Leverage (SUCH A GOOD SHOW) on Netflix. The show was cancelled so, we quickly ran out of episodes. :( We looked for something else to watch and Rj suggested Supernatural. My sister had watched it in the past but stopped in season five. I always just thought it looked cheesy. Oops! We started watching it and love it. It's so addictive. We're starting season 5 now. Yay! They are currently on season 9 on TV. We've started recording it on the DVR so, we can watch it when we are done with Netflix ones. What should we watch next on Netflix? Suggestions, please!

2. Pinterest!

I have always loved this site but ever since I organized it I can finally look through my folders and ACTUALLY do some of the things! It's helped me with projects, decorating, dinner and etc. I love with this site all over again. I can't wait to make this home more cozy. I have pinned countless amazing ideas. Check out my page.

3. Cooking/baking!

We have moved to a new place in the last month. It's SO MUCH easier to cook and bake in the kitchen. Out last kitchen was just awful and hard to do anything in. In this new place I can cook and bake all day. So happy. Feels great to stop eating drive thru stuff so often. I've baked many batches of cookies, and made lots of good food. I'm going to try to post a ton of recipes on this blog. I love cooking. I really missed it.

4. Coffee! 

Well, I've been loving coffee for a while but actually been drinking it at home. If I'm out I get Dunkin' dark roast iced coffee with cream/sugar. I'm not much into hot drinks unless it's hot chocolate. At home I have been getting the International Delight light drink. I splash some milk in it and add a lot of ice. Currently we don't have a coffee maker and I don't want to buy a plain one. I thinking of  getting a Keurig when we get income tax. What are you favorite coffees to drink for your coffee maker?

5. Lastly, these kids!
This was at the zoo yesterday. They are a pain in the rear everyday, but they are also amaze me everyday. They are growing up so fast. Lincoln already at 14 months is saying like 10+ words. It's just crazy to me. Brayden is almost completely potty training. He's starting to actually hold conversations. They are just great. I feel incredibly lucky to have them.

If you do a "5 things I am loving lately" post please comment and leave me a link!


  1. I mostly watch cartoons on Netflix so don't look at me, haha. Sword in the Stone and Thief and the Cobbler are both on there and both amazing. 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, It's Always Sunny, Arrested Development, Being Human, man I had more typed out but I messed up the first comment and am having to redo it. I buy Folgers Gourmet Supreme or Black Silk but by the time I drink it all it's usually cold. You've got a couple of handsome kids there!

  2. Haha! You are adorable. We watch Being Human. Love it! It's just started back. So excited! Those sound good. I was thinking that in order to do iced coffee I would have to put the coffee in the fridge first. Thank you!


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