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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brayden's construction birthday party! (Wordless Wednesday)

I decided this year to let Brayden decide his own theme. I took him to Walmart and let him choose the decorations. He picked a construction theme, so I rolled with it. We were originally going to do it at the same park we had his party at last year. However, it was seriously going to be OVER 100 degrees. We are in southeast GA meaning the humidity would most likely be higher than the heat. Ick. So, we had the party at my father in law's house (same place we had his first birthday).

Dunking under the water!

I went easy on the food this year. Pizza, watermelon, water and sweet tea. The gift bags had stickers, a hot wheels car, a party hat, and Cars fruit snacks. Decorations are from Walmart, balloons are from Dollar Tree.

Really glad we had the floaties on him because he jumped or fell in the pool at one point. Everyone heard and saw him so, we got him. This is such a ballsy kid.


Brayden and Aunt Cookie.

 Tiffany and her son Austin, of course! What a hilarious kid.

Briana and Caven came with their kids Keely and Liam. Such sweet kids!


Brayden's cake! Chopped up Reese's minis and some construction vehicles.

Grandma Bobbie and Googa.

Blowing out his candle.

He was so excited!

Ready to open his gifts!

Lego Duplos that we got him! It's the ice cream set.

Uncle Devon got him Legos too, the Planes set.

Grandma Mindy and family got him a truck and blocks. Grandma Bobbie gave him money. He picked out a Jack and the Neverland Pirates tree house toy.

Yeah, I had NO idea Brayden was about to jump into my arms until he was already there. Thankfully I have face reaction time. WOW.

He kept jumping over and over again.

Thank you so much to everyone that came! Brayden had a great day! Thank you, Mindy for letting us have the party there and helping us with anything we needed. We have amazing people in our lives!

See his 4 year old update here and how we spent his birthday here.

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