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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spooktacular 2015!

We've have had a zoo pass since before Brayden was even born. We love it there and so do the kids. If you follow my blog you have seen thousands of photos, I'm sure! The past couple years we have gone to Spooktacular. It's their Halloween event. They have it three weekends in October. They have lot of different stations set up, trick or treating zones, scare zones, and much more. We always have a blast.

We took the boys into this scare zoo because they wanted to. Lincoln was fine. Brayden screamed and cried. He screamed at an evil monkey "just leave us alone!" No scare zones for him for a while. Poor kid.

They were so sweet. They kept talking to him and asking him questions.

I almost had to go in there to get him back out!

Does your zoo have any cool events like this? I would love to see pictures!

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