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Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy birthday, Googa!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. My mom is honestly my hero. She is the most amazing woman I have ever and will ever meet. No one could replace her. I've always felt this. She is one of the strongest women I know. I have many of her good and bad qualities. I sound like my mom everyday. Haha. My kids are the luckiest kids to have her as a grandma/"Googa".

You're an amazing lady, mom! Happy birthday!

Brayden helped me make the cake. He cracked one egg (very well, actually) and poured the dry ingredients (pudding mix and cake mix). He did great. 

I told him I was making cream cheese frosting. He got this out of the fridge and said it would be good in the cake. Haha.

Handling the clean up! ;)

This is a HUGE deal! I have been trying to teach Brayden to write his letters and he started Pre-K on Tuesday. I wrote "Happy Bday". He looked at it and copied each letter! He did so good!

Mom's cake, of course!

Brayden seriously asked for cake all day.  He kept asking "I have cake now? You sing now?" He knew we would have cake after we sung happy birthday. Finally after he ate his dinner we had cake.

They help blow out the candles.

After they were blown out Rj said "okay, Brayden! Time to go home!" This is the expression he got. He also said "NO! I have to eat cake now!"

Lincoln just took a fork straight into the cake. :P

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These photos were taken with an iPhone and/or Nikon Coolpix.
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